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Unlock the potential of your research with PamGene’s Kinase Activity Profiling Technique!

Researchers and scientists from academia, biotech and pharma are invited to participate in our Win-a-Free-Service -Study, offering an opportunity to elevate your research with the advanced capabilities of our kinase profiling technologies.

Submit your project proposal by April 30th, 2024

Why Screen for Active Kinases in Cellular Material?

Kinases are key targets in therapeutic research, but traditional methods often overlook their activity, focusing instead on protein presence. This limits our understanding of cell signaling and the mechanisms of action, especially in compound interactions. Screening for active kinases provides deeper, more actionable insights.

With 18 years of experience, PamGene has led the way in developing a unique technology that offers unparalleled sensitivity for real-time measurement of kinase activity. The multiplexing capabilities of our chips (PTK & STK) provide a holistic view of cellular signalling, encompassing over 380+ cellular kinases. This breakthrough technology not only reveals changes in signalling activity, but also facilitates the creation of  kinase-based biomarkes response predictions assay (IOpener® CE-IVD Immunotherapy guidance tests).

Applications of this technology are diverse and include pathway elucidation, target discovery, mechanism of action studies, resistance mechanism analysis, immune cell characterization, clinical research, prognostic biomarker identification and therapeutic response assessment.

If you’re unsure how this fits into your research? Let’s set up an online meeting to discuss how our approach can enhance your project.

Proposal Guidelines

When submitting your proposal, please ensure that you include the following:

  • Your contact information.
  • A clear outline of the motivation of your study.
  • A specification of the relevance of kinase profiling to your research and what you hop to achieve.
  • Details regarding the anticipated impact of PamGene’s services on your project.

Note for Designing Your Project:

To design your project effectively, please provide the following information:

  • Clearly state the objective of your project.
  • We require fresh frozen cellular material to conduct the assay. Please specify the type of cellular material you are working with (e.g., cell lines, primary cells, mouse models, human samples, blood, tissue, etc.).
  • Mention the number of conditions you plan to test. As this is a differential analysis, we always need both a control and one or more conditions.
  • Indicate the number of biological replicates you are planning to use. 

Please do not hesitate to contact the PamGene team at for inquiries or to explore the possibilities of Kinome Profiling technology. We are committed to assisting you in establishing a research proposal that ensures success. 



Terms & Conditions 



How to Participate

Simply pitch and submit your research project proposal by either:

To write your research proposal, here are the essential guidelines.

The Prize

The winner will receive a complimentary Kinase Activity Profiling Service from PamGene aligned with their research objectives.

  • Comprehensive Insights: Gain deep insights into kinase activities, facilitating a thorough understanding of signaling pathways in your research.
  • Expert Support: Our team of skilled scientists and technicians will collaborate with you to ensure the success of your study.

The prize winner will be announced after the 30th of April – 2024

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