PamGene joins the 8th Drug Discovery Strategic Summit

Meet PamGene at the 8th Drug Discovery Strategic Summit in Amsterdam (November 4 and 5). Our colleagues Tushar Tomar and Martijn Dankers would be happy to discuss how PamGene’s kinase activity technology can be applied to discover kinase inhibitors, biomarkers and targets. Reach out to our colleagues to schedule an appointment or for more information.

Kinase Inhibitor Discovery

Broad interrogation of the full range of kinases (~350) and screen for a match between your identified compound and a kinase resulting in a set of lead kinase inhibitors.

Biomarker discovery

On-chip pharmacology capabilities lend a new approach to discovering therapy-predictive, disease specific and prognostic or pharmacodynamic biomarkers.

Target discovery

Discover novel drug targets to guide drug development, where no prior target information is required.

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