10-year kinase inhibitor research in a nutshell

Our white paper (free download) describes trends over a decade of small molecule Protein Kinase Inhibitor (PKI) research by mining thousands of American Society for Cancer Research (AACR) abstracts covering...
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Kinase activity profiling tool to reveal molecular mechanisms in latent HIV-1

In order to better understand the molecular biology of HIV-1 latency, Alexandra Duverger et al from the Department of Medicine of the University of Alabama in the USA, carried out...
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Publication on a detailed analysis of a new kinase inhibitor for acute myeloid leukemia

In January 2014, an article was published about a study into AKN-028, an novel tyrosine kinase inhibitor that targets acute myeloid leukemia (AML). For this study, the PamChip platform was...
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Promising proof of concept for small molecule modality to treat non-small cell lung cancer

Ichiro Kadawa et al., from the Department of Medicine of the University of Chicago, have published an article on a study into a new small molecule modality to treat non-small...
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Cancer research in zebrafish with the PamGene platform

A new study on cancer research in zebrafish was published in September 2013. Rian Hanan et al looked into the ERK2 pathway and concluded that constitutive activation of this pathway...
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PamStation12 demonstrated at MipTech 2013 in Basel

Our Swiss distributor, Bucher, is golden sponsor of MipTech 2013, the leading European Event for Drug Discovery. They have a big booth at the congress where they exhibit all kinds...
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New compound able to ‘select’ the positive effects of cortisol

Dr. Onno Meijer from LUMC in The Netherlands published an article in the scientific journal PNAS on his latest research. Together with PamGene, and researchers from several other institutes, he...
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Kinase profiling reveals potential target in prostate cancer

Kinase profiling reveals potential target in prostate cancerThis week, a new PamStation study by the group of prof. Anne Hansen Ree at the Department of Oncology, Akershus University Hospital in...
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