Meet our specialists – Savithri Rangarajan

“Making the most out of kinase activity data to take scientific research to the next level is what gets me excited”

PamGene’s kinase activity profiling data provides scientists with new and unique insights on the disease models they are focusing on. Since kinase activity is still a relatively new field of research for many, we involve our application specialists to get the most out of the data collected.

Savi is part of PamGene’s team for nearly a decade and has held various positions within the organization. She is known as PamGene’s cheerful all-round specialist and recognized for her scientific knowledge, and practical approach combined with good business-sense. “Since the beginning, I’ve applied PamGene’s technology in diverse studies across Europe and worked extensively to support our clients. I’m really passionate about the innovative applications and numerous possibilities of our technology”. With a background in molecular biology, specifically omics, Savi effectively supports interpretation and validation of results that can add valuable insights leading to unexpected data resulting in novel findings. “

In addition to her role as an application specialist, Savi is also involved in improvement projects. “Currently, I am coordinating our Knowledge Integration Task Force, an internal project team focused on updating the latest comprehensive databases linking kinase- to phosphosite relationships improving reporting structures and developing new tools for data analysis. As one of the very few companies focused on measuring kinase activity, I believe we play an ambassador role for these fundamental elements of cell behaviour. And we contribute to that by sharing our knowledge and making customers as enthusiastic about kinases as we are!”

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