Management team

At PamGene we are dedicated to discover new cellular insights based on kinase readouts and turn this into a unique technology and service. With this multiplex kinome activity profiling technology we guide and support physicians and scientists in finding solutions and answers to improve patient treatment and unravel diseases.

Management team

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John Groten – Managing Director

John Groten is an experienced business leader. He has over 30 years management experience in several internationally operating companies focused on life sciences research. He has been working for private CROs and large pharma companies in different management roles focusing on operational management and business development a.o. This experience makes him a change manager bringing quality, creativity and business insight in PamGene. For over 15 years John Groten holds a chair as visiting professor at Wageningen University. Since 2013 he is focused on bringing PamGene and its proven technology to the next phase.

Rinie van Beuningen – Vice President Business Development

Rinie van Beuningen joined PamGene in 2001. He is responsible for PamGene’s Business Development activities including further development of the company’s diagnostic services. Rinie van Beuningen has over 30 years of experience in the life science research and molecular diagnostics industry. Next to his experience Rinie brings in a unique combination of both diagnostics and business development expertise. He is working at PamGene from the early beginning and has been at the root of what PamGene is today.

Kristiane Schmidt – Program Manager IVD

Kristiane Schmidt joined PamGene in 2018. She has over 20 years of experience in in-vitro diagnostics and life science research. She is specialized in program management and regulatory compliance. Kristiane is managing PamGene’s IVD Program. Thanks to her extensive experience she is able to bring, together with her team of scientists and technicians, PamGene’s proven technology to the next phase in the diagnostic field.

Iskandar Gandasasmita – Head of Biochip Manufacturing

Iskandar Gandasasmita is an experienced professional with over 30 years of experience in industrial inkjet printing research and production of optical films, devices and biochips. He joined PamGene in 2006. Iskandar Gandasasmita is responsible for PamGene’s Biochip Manufacturing. Next to his technical experience he is bringing in vital trouble shooting expertise and creative thinking.

Martijn Dankers – Vice President Sales & Customer Care

Martijn Dankers joined PamGene in 2002. He is responsible for making PamGene’s unique kinase activity profiling technology available for scientists and physicians worldwide. Together with his team Martijn Dankers is raising awareness on the opportunities and benefits of kinase activity profiling and providing optimal support to PamGene’s customers. As an early employee of PamGene he is an expert on the technologies’ capabilities to guide conclusive decision-making bringing research to the next phase.